Better bearings

Branding, Packaging & Photography

Group 178@2x

Brand Refinement
Point of Sale

Based in Australia, Better Bearings are the only company in the world who offer quality skate bearings, with 10 colours to choose from.

We were tasked with refreshing their brand with a colourful and vibrant new look; one that is more refined and clean, while still appealing to their target markets. We also designed labels for their colourful range of bearings, and captured their products in a fun and playful way in a recent product shoot.


One of our funnest photoshoots to date! Inspired by the colours of the bearings, we incorporated bright props and scenes to help showcase their products. This, in turn, created some great content for social media and advertising.


Better. Best.

Better Bearing's packaging and tough nuts box is made from 100% recycled paper and is biodegradable and their cleaning products are environmentally safe.