Branding & Packaging

Group 178@2x

Brand Exploration

Honua Bars is a eco-friendly and luxurious shampoo and conditioner bar company. Their products are clean, plastic free and pH balanced.

The provided brief was to create a fun, quirky and unique packaging to reflect the raw, natural beauty of the Honua Bars.

Our approach to designing this packaging was to develop a playful brand to reflect the awesomeness of the Honua Bars. We did this by exploring trends, researching their target market, and lots of doodling.

All the freshness
without any of the nasties

Naturally nourishing, fabulously foamy and long lasting shampoo and conditioner bars. Sustainably sourced ingredients of the highest quality.

"Each Honua Bar is overflowing with nourishing ingredients for radiantly healthy hair. Start your plastic-free bathroom journey today!"

Fruity photos
for the win

With decades of experience in doodling, we illustrated a character to personify each scent, giving them bright colours, fun elements, and even their own custom pet mascot.

Full day of studio photography left our office smelling super fruity and delicious. We had lots of fun styling and photographing the Honua Bars in their natural habitat.