salty captain

Branding & Packaging

Group 178@2x

Brand Exploration
Website Identity
Point of Sale
Boat Wrap

Salty Captain came to us with a brief to rebrand their packaging and their sales sailed all the way to the USA.

Our brief started with a label and box for a trendy boat wash. We proposed a nautical design direction that would hit a market that loves boats, tattoos and rum. Inspired by a few bottles of our favourite rum, we developed the Salty Captain brand.

Ahoy there!

Salty Captain gives you all the tools needed to keep your vessel in tip-top condition.

Our objective is to show this on every packaging. Easy & efficient.

Simply fill the canister with water, add 20ml-40ml of salt wash, attach your captain’s gun to your hose and experience how easy it is to get into every crack & crevice.

Group 185

Introducing the
Salty Hunt 'n' Fish apparel

Salty Hunt 'n' Fish spent months sourcing the best quality apparel.

We've had the most fun drawing and illustrating the designs, but they've really done all the hard work with thinking through the fine details making them extremely lightweight and UV protective.